Breakthrough Marketing: How an innovative cross-selling strategy increased sales of complementary products by 48%

Are you struggling with complementary product visibility? Are your cross-selling campaigns failing? This means you need a new approach. Today we are releasing a story about how a company managed to achieve a whopping 48% sales increase for complementary products using a breakthrough marketing feature.

Shhh…Don’t scare them!

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It’s a common knowledge that nowadays buyers are more demanding and can be easily scared off during the sale. Overly “obsessive” promotions and offers can confuse a shopper and lead to a complete shopping cart abandonment.

While attempting to avoid the above mentioned issues, retailers usually face the following challenge: finding a smart and safe way to promote additional products.

“Traditional” is not necessarily good enough

PayPro investigated how traditional cross-selling strategy affects customer decision of purchasing complementary products and concluded with some shocking outcomes of the “traditional”strategy usage.

Consumers are not happy with total buying cost becoming much higher than intended to be and consequently terminate the purchase and lose trust in the brand.

PayPro Innovation

Pop-up Cross-sell is an innovative marketing feature of PayPro EasyCommerce, which helps our clients to reach outstanding results in promoting complementary products safely and effectively without losing customer retention and trust.

By reading our case study you’ll find out a step-by-step guide of implementing Pop-up Cross-sell feature, get insights on how to arrange a flawless purchase experience for customers and double sales of complementary products.