PayPro White Paper released: Lead Nurturing Strategy


We are witnessing seismic shifts in consumer behavior. The buying and sales cycles are no longer synchronized. They are becoming harder and harder to plan and control. This means that when a customer first appears on a company’s horizon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is ready to make a purchase. He is just clarifying buying points. Statistics show that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales, but 80% of those dead-end prospects will ultimately complete the purchase within a 24 month time-span from one of the competing companies. The prospects are hungry for engaging and educating content that is tailored to their particular persona. This means the winner will be the company that delivers the right personal information to the prospect that will ultimately influence his purchasing decision.

The social media is changing the modern consumer. The abundance of information available to customers negatively affects their attention span. This means that today’s the customer is no longer receptive to broadcasting-style marketing techniques. The modern software buyer demands relevant, personal and timely information in exchange to his attention. One-size-fits-all approach simply no longer works.

This white paper describes the outdated marketing practices software enterprises are stuck in and shows how a bold lead nurturing strategy can positively influence your company’s bottom line. The paper guides the reader through the following steps of building an effective Lead Nurturing campaign:

  • inside-out analysis of lead nurturing process;
  • guidelines to find the best strategy of managing leads
  • identifying the key point of the campaign and establishing the lead database
  • different categories of leads and lead lifecycle
  • insights of marketing and sales campaign organization

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Does your company currently have a lead nurturing process in place? What results have you achieved from your lead nurturing efforts?