White Paper released: Conversion Optimization Strategy


Somewhere during the development of modern digital marketing, many enterprises got stuck in the belief that more website traffic is the key factor of success. Most believers set out to prove it by counting impressions and clickthrough rates as their primary metrics. Yet often the high bounce rate and link conversion are absent in this type of analysis.

Companies concentrate most of their efforts and resources to drive traffic to their websites, completely forgetting that it’s only half of the job done, only top of the funnel. But guiding the visitor to a conversion goal is equally, if not more difficult than getting visitors to their websites in the first place. According to IAB’s Internet Advertising revenue report 2012, full year results, internet advertising totaled $36.57 billion, up 15% from the $31.74 billion reported in 2011. Yet most software companies are stuck below 5% conversion rates on average. This only means that the gap between acquisition spending and ability to convert online is constantly widening.

The Conversion Optimization Strategy White Paper describes the common pitfalls software companies bump into, as well as gives practical insights on how to create high-yielding conversion paths to guide the visitor to the conversion goal at an accelerated pace, that will help close the gap between high acquisition spending and ability to convert online.

The modern eCommerce environment is suffering dramatic changes. The consumers interact with brands via various channels and it is becoming more difficult to control the user behaviour and deliver tailored messages that drive sales. The white paper enlightens the reader on aspects of website conversions such as:

  • Inside-out analysis of visitors’ journey toward conversion goals
  • Data mining and its application to deliver relevant and engaging content
  • Different categories of visitors and their paths
  • Guidelines on multi-channel conversion optimization and evolving consumer behavior
  • Insight on conversion path testing and eliminating roadblocks
  • Best practices in facilitating software sales

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