Hocoos by PayPro Global: The Game Changer in AI Website Building

Hocoos by PayPro Global: The Game Changer in AI Website Building

It’s  2023, and believe it or not, the internet is still evolving at a swift pace. Almost everything has moved online, most notably businesses. Nowadays, if you don’t have a website, you simply don’t exist.

Did you know that websites are one of the basic trust validators users look for before working with a service provider? To prove this point even further, consider the fact that s, 75% of consumers will judge a company’s credibility by looking at its website. What does that tell you about a business that has no website? No website, no credibility, no customers. 

Simply put, having a website in the digital age is not an option - it’s an absolute must. But there’s a catch. Isn’t there always?

The Current Challenges of the Digital Landscape

The good news is that, with AI taking over the world, building a website has never been simpler. We wanted to know just how easy it is, so we did our own digging on Ai generated websites. Here’s what we found. 

In theory, artificial intelligence has significantly streamlined the website building process, but it hasn’t made it better, not in all instances anyway. While no code technology is the future, if you look at some of the best AI website builders out there, it seems like most are overpromising and under-delivering. 

With AI technology, you can build a website fast and for a lot less than a traditional, all-code online platform. But the results are not always personalized enough to reflect your brand, and design flexibility is not their strongest attribute. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the real issue. 

With an incredible 10,500 websites created every single hour, your business could easily get lost in the crowd.  Worse yet, most AI website generators don’t offer real-time reporting, making it almost impossible for you to track your traffic. It’s truly like trying to find the way in the dark, which we all know is not good business practice. 

Because most AI website builders have limited customization capabilities, customers are now seeing the same 10-20 websites over and over again. Random images, generic-looking themes, nothing to match the true style of your business and to give you the extensive customization power you need. That’s usually what you get when using these tools. You would expect more from an AI generated website. 

Worse yet, the so-called built-in-seconds websites require hours of editing work in disguise, and a real possibility of going nowhere fast, causing great difficulty in completing the website. 

Unfortunately, the majority of AI-enabled platforms produce basic websites, with the success of your online brand depending on your willingness to inject more resources into areas compelling content creation, app integrations, SEO, and email marketing features. Delivering complex sites is completely out of the question.  

Without these essential tools, generating revenue from your online brand will be practically impossible. Your dream business will turn into a scream business and will likely become the cause of major frustrations without a finished quality product.

So, how is no code technology the future of website creation when it’s clearly not even connected to the present? That depends on who you partner with. If you decide to use Hocoos, a different kind of AI-powered website builder, we feel confident you will be happy with the end result.

Introducing Hocoos 

We believe that running a successful business shouldn’t mean just running a website. You need to be able to focus more on your product or service and less on the website creation process. On the bright side of things, Hocoos, the AI site builder, solves all these issues and more. 

Meet the AI website builder that lets you create business-ready websites in minutes. Yes, minutes. And when we say business-ready, we mean you can virtually launch your professional site once Hocoos is done building it, allowing you the option to finish personalizing it.  This process doesn’t take months, days, or hours. Creating stunning, professional websites with Hocoos takes minutes, and you’ll have everything you need, from images, fonts, and text to payments, email marketing, and SEO.

How Does Hocoos Work?

Very simple, actually, click by click - 8 of them, to be precise. To generate your website, all you need to do is answer eight simple questions. That’s it!

How Does Hocoos Work

Based on your answers, Hocoos will build a unique website with relevant design and text showcasing your brand’s personality. Once it’s ready, you can start editing it, set up your payments and add further functionalities, all from the same dashboard, intuitively and with just a few clicks if you’re in a hurry.

Why is Hocoos Better Than Everything Else Out There?

Fact: AI builders are not made equal. 

Hocoos is made better than anything out there, and here’s why:

AI-Enabled Website Creation 

Hocoos offers a versatile platform that uses strong AI technology to enhance and optimize web development processes and ultimately award you with a business-ready website tailor-made for your needs. Everything works smoothly and fast, taking only a few minutes to complete.

Ease of use

Hocoos is for everyone, regardless of their coding or design experience. No matter how familiar you are with technology, Hocoos makes bringing your idea to life incredibly easy and fun. You can add pages and move or remove any section from your website without having to touch a line of code or asking a programmer to do it for you.

Design Uniqueness 

Hocoos isn’t using AI simply to build websites. It’s using artificial intelligence to understand your business, play with design elements and functionalities, set up a growth infrastructure, and create a unique online platform that helps your business stand out. We're legit squeezing the ‘smart’ out of AI.

Hocoos Add Widgets

Enhanced Security 

Through a systemic approach of many defense layers, such as SSL certificates, GDPR compliance, and a team of world-class experts, Hocoos ensures that the security system functions flawlessly at all times, keeping your website and audiences’ information safe and secure.

24/7 Customer Support

Hocoos understands the importance of having dedicated customer support. Your website is the door people use to get to your product, and whenever that door is locked or has trouble opening, you are losing sales. And we’re not ones to discriminate. Every Hocoos user receives premium customer support, where we focus on resolving any issue that might appear quickly and effectively. 

Step Into the Hocoos World: Features and Use Cases

A great website has the power to propel a business to stratospheric heights, and Hocoos does exactly that and more. From the very beginning, this AI tool was designed to go beyond building a custom website. It creates unique user experiences and allows you to explore growth opportunities. We’re excited to dive into the Hocoos world and help you understand how that’s possible. 

Amazing Features


With access to numerous layouts, filters, and one-of-a-kind color palettes designed specifically for your business, you can turn your dream into a stunning website in minutes.

Thanks to the easy-to-use AI editor that gives you every tool you need to personalize your website, you are always in control of your editing process.

Hocoos connects you to a rich collection of high-quality images and gallery styles perfect for matching your style and telling your story. 

Providing you with beautifully combined fonts to better reflect the uniqueness of your brand, this AI website builder gives a whole new meaning to the expression, pretty words. 


Full Control: with Hocoos bookings, you can easily track all your appointments, accept, decline, reschedule, and keep customers in the loop about any changes that might occur.

Never miss an appointment: thanks to the built-in calendar, you can have a complete overview of your appointments, making it extremely easy to track them and keep things in order. 

Effortless client management: there’s nothing more valuable than client data. Hocoos makes gathering and organizing information easy, powering both your marketing campaigns and customer interactions. 

Seamless staff overview: easily keep your employee organized, tracking everything from the services offered to schedules and details. 

High-converting product pages: through clean, stunning designs that stand out on any device, you can introduce your products to visitors and quickly turn them into paying customers.  

Smooth product management: from orders to inventory or pricing, the Hocoos online store app streamlines product management and gives you complete control over your business from one unified app.

Get paid easily: make it simple for your shoppers to purchase your products using their preferred payment methods and currencies, and ensuring the success of your business is inevitable. 

Run powerful promotions: Hocoos stores allow you to effortlessly set up product promotions and offer discounts to quickly grow your customer base and boost your sales. 

Unique themes: choose the theme that fits your style, add high-quality images and easily edit it so you can create a blog that strikes a chord with your audience. 

AI Post Creation: with Hocoos, you never have to worry about writer’s block. Simply select the topic you want to write about and let the AI writer work its magic and generate content. 

What you see is what you get: gain access to one unified dashboard packed with everything you need to easily create and edit your posts. 

Easy navigation: add sidebars to each of your blog sections or posts and simplify user searches through tags, categories, and even authors. 

Hocoos Ai website builder


No-hassle hosting: your website benefits from reliable and secure hosting that grows with your business. 

Rapid domain customization and transfer: whether you would like to set up a custom domain or transfer an existing one, the Hocoos team will handle everything for you.

24/7/365 assistance: this AI builder is with you every step of the way, ensuring everything is running smoothly. 

Grow your traffic: gain access to a complete suite of built-in SEO tools to boost your online traffic and grow your audience. 

Engage with your community: with just a few clicks, you can create and send brilliant emails, gain new subscribers, share promotions and new content with your subscribers, and watch your sales grow. 

Reporting and analytics: dive into your business insights so you can strategically plan for the future. 

Fast integrations: with access to the Hocoos app collection, you can seamlessly add new functionalities to your website and create better experiences for your users.

Diversity in Use Cases

Business Websites

Using Hocoos AI website builder, you can make your business seen and heard with a professional-looking website. Having access to polished designed layouts, streamlined client and staff management, strong online scheduling software, and a dedicated business blog, you can bring your idea in the most professional manner there is.

Beauty and Wellness Websites

This AI wizard helps you create a jaw-dropping website for your beauty and wellness business, packed with all the features you might need, from online bookings, staff, and client management to amazing portfolios ideal for showcasing your work. With Hocoos, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you. 

Online Stores

Sell your products and services with an eCommerce website that grows with your business. The Hocoos AI website builder gives you access to a secure and reliable infrastructure packed with powerful eCommerce features, capable of scaling your business worldwide. 

Portfolio Websites and Personal Blogs

Share your stories with the world or showcase your work and express your knowledge. Through design-made layouts, fast editing, and powerful analytics, you can reach the right audience in no time.

Sports and Fitness Websites

With great websites come great results, and that’s exactly what Hocoos is all about. To convey the right message, this AI website creator gives you everything you could possibly need to build a strong online fitness brand. From high-quality images to impressive stability and accelerated time to launch, you can build a stunning website and easily bring your ideas to life. 

Photography Websites

From impressive gallery layouts to showcase your best work to dedicated “About Us” and Service pages to grow your network and fast social media integrations, Hocoos has everything your photography business needs to scale. 

hocoos photo gallery

Household Websites

With household services in high demand, this AI website builder offers eager entrepreneurs the chance to turn a side hustle into an ongoing revenue stream. You can show off your experience and expertise through unique themes and customer testimonials, quickly set up appointments, and edit your professional website whenever you feel the need.

Who Was Hocoos Built For? 

Hocoos is for anyone with a dream and a purpose, the modern entrepreneur with no code or design knowledge, driven by the insatiable need to express themselves and confident in their power to succeed. 

Passionate about their idea and with a deep understanding and appreciation of the value of time, they seek new technologies that enable them to create glorious and engaging online platforms. Therefore, when creating websites, the use of AI comes naturally to this independent entrepreneur, as they appreciate the flexibility and convenience the technology of the future offers them right now. 

On the road to achieving their dream, they value using an accomplished platform like the AI website generator, ready to take the technical burden off their plate and give them the freedom to focus on their core business.

Meet Hocoos.
The Smart AI Website Builder

Whether you’re selling products or services or sharing your story with the world, Hocoos is the partner you need to skyrocket your online brand.


Final Thoughts

Great ideas get lost every day. Why? Because the people who have them lack the means to express them quickly in the online world. Brick-and-mortar businesses are dead. Today, business recognition is gained in the digital dimension. And no one is going to invite you in. You need to choose the fastest route to bring your idea to life

But going for speed shouldn’t automatically imply sacrificing design, stability, security, or functionality. Most AI website builders have you thinking that you need to compromise, and that’s simply not true with this technology.

With Hocoos, you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best. You can have your cake and eat it too. This AI wizard is about giving you everything you need to bring your idea to life exactly how you envision it.


Meir Amzallag

Co-founder and CEO of PayPro Global

Ioana Grigorescu

Content Marketing Manager at PayPro Global

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