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SaaS: The Chronicles of a Saturated Market

We need to be constantly reminded that we live in a capitalist world. Big words, we know, but what do they mean exactly, and why in the world would we bring such a discussion to the table?

Well, as you surely understand the consequences of the system, also known as the worst of all economic systems, for the simple fact that we are living in a capitalist world, we are exposed to a free market with an abundance of choices. Sounds pretty good, right? Of course, it does if you are the customer. But try looking at things from the perspective of the developer. How do you see this idea of the abundance of choices from way up there? It’s not an ideal situation, now is it? Well, it sure isn’t if you are thinking of launching your very own software for team management and you have to go against almost 300 different options of the same type of software.

You could say that 300 is nothing. Maybe so. 300 doesn’t seem like such a big number compared to other markets. Still, you are a new entry into the market, and you have to fight each of those 300 to win a place in the first top 10. Because, in reality, no customer will have the patience to try more than 10 demos for a service. We have not gathered here today for an economics lesson. But the fact that capitalism has such deep roots in our society does have one important consequence you need to be aware of. And it’s related to one of our most prized possessions: SaaS.

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What kind of world is this?

Yes, we do stand by our article regarding the switch to SaaS. This is the subscription economy. And yes, this is a capitalist society. So, we are the capitalist subscription economy, which means innovation and competition. Theoretically, putting two and two together, you get the ideal conditions for creating the most innovative products. In reality, however, you get a serious need for complex marketing tactics meant to promote your products over a long period. And that need will only get bigger as time passes, as capitalism spins the wheel. A free market, an abundance of options, remember? So yes, while switching to SaaS is regarded as a smart business move, you need to consider the possibility that your market may reach a saturation point. It is by no means impossible. In fact, in some markets, it has already been confirmed. ( automobiles, mobile phones)

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Ok, now what?

Market saturation is a modern reality and a consequence of a rather controversial economic system. The question is what you, the maker of SaaS, the software developer, will do with this information. Are you going to take a step back, saying there is no point in investing in a competitive market? Are you going to navigate the B2B waters in search of virgin markets? Because if this is an idea you are seriously considering, we should tell you there is no such thing. There are no untouched markets, just waiting to be discovered and saturated. You can invent all you want, but you will still be part of a competitive market. Why? Because everyone has the right to sell, create, and develop. And by the looks of it, everyone is already doing it.

So, whether you are developing software on your own, maybe joining the SaaS Open Source revolution, or are trying to better market an existing one, know that while the market saturation phenomenon does exist, it should not derail you from your path.

Solutions exist!

We are trying to say that even though you are dealing with market saturation, there are ways to market your products effectively and gain the desired results.

shift in distribution channels

A shift in distribution channels

The decision-making process in SaaS is more complex than in other industries. The buyer goes through various phases, one of them, maybe the most important of all, is research. And know that B2B customers take research very seriously. Social media, review channels, recommendations, word of mouth, and referrals are all ways to get the name of your product on a list of potential customer purchases. Of course, each channel is worth your time and effort, but nothing compares to the value added by reviews. Using platforms such as G2Crowd or Capterra, you are putting your product in front of the customers.

Going against your competition effectively should be done by taking advantage of the popularity and trust gained by review websites. You need to attach your brand to a recognized, trustworthy review source customers trust. This would mean validation, the validation of the quality of your product. Of course, assuming that the reviews received are positive. If not, things could get complicated. This strategy is, in fact, a double-edged sword. Mind your steps, encourage customers that have enjoyed positive experiences to leave reviews on dedicated platforms, and try to treat negative experiences with care. Every opinion matters, but not all can be used.

mix and match game

A mix and match game

Some time ago, the world was talking about how great SaaS is. But, not long after the debate and the hesitation among developers to switch to a new model, we’re seeing a real abundance of options. A wave of newcomers came, swallowed the market, and now, everyone’s tired of eating the same dish repeatedly. But what if you reinterpret the model and spice up your core offer? Develop internal app stores that will allow you to access in-app purchases and give the user access to multiple products of your making and not only.

Reinterpreting existing models is what makes the world go round. It’s how everything works, including SaaS. How do you suppose this business model appeared? Was it not from the need for something different? The commoditization phenomenon, specific to saturated markets, leads to the need to differentiate oneself from the competition.

vector image The power of BRAND

The power of BRAND

Going from scarcity to saturation has left the SaaS world with a list of almost 34,727 software products, according to G2Crowd and not as many brands. The key to success in saturated markets is to build a brand reputation. In all honesty, this is the marketing holy grail, but it is even more important in a saturated market. The stakes are, obviously, higher.

By building a brand reputation, your customers will seek out your products. Think of it as a filter mechanism. People are filtering results based on brands, and you need to offer your customers the reasons to do exactly that in your case.

Invest in building brands defined by professionalism, trustworthy brands that can solve various challenges and do exactly what they are expected to. One way you could do that is by minding the customer. And this is a double-win move. Your brand needs to identify itself with the idea of customer satisfaction and personalized experiences. Using all your strength to accomplish this goal and offer positive experiences, you could open the doors towards positive feedback (point 1 of the solution talk). Because customers will let other potential customers know what you are all about. And that’s the best advertising team you could wish for.

Meet PayPro Global.
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 Just a solution as unique as your business’s needs.

Indeed, saturated markets can be a challenging environment to grow in, but it can be done. But your business will thrive once you understand that the secret is to keep an open mind. You’ll be as strong as Raiden ( without a question, the strongest of Mortal Kombat fighters).


Meir Amzallag

Co-founder and CEO of PayPro Global

Ioana Grigorescu

Content Marketing Manager at PayPro Global

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