4 reasons why shopping cart design can help you make money

There are plenty of great looking software and SaaS storefronts, but when we arrive to checkout, the shopping cart design is often a bit of a disappointment. Shopping cart plays a highly important role during purchasing process. This is the defining moment of the conversion.

A successful purchase heavily relies on certain psychological factors that influence the shopper’s decision to complete a purchase. Here are 4 main reasons of why it’s important to wisely design your shopping cart as it provides:

  • Engagement
  • Feeling of Security
  • Time efficiency
  • Clarity

All of the above mentioned factors can efficiently influence the shopper’s behaviour at the checkout stage.

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Shopping cart design is actually an additional language that reinforces the messages you are trying to deliver by all means to your customer. This is why great shopping cart design can help you achieve the following goals:

  • To create a feeling of continuity
  • To move customer to action
  • To create a feeling of security for the customer
  • To accelerate conversion
  • To increase your the cart value
  • To improve conversions and ultimately sales.

Let’s take a deeper look at factors that help customers convert in your shopping cart:

1. Engagement


Engagement in the shopping cart is quite different from the rest of your website. When we talk about shopping cart engagement, we understand the amount of focus a customer dedicates to the actual checkout without being distracted. Shopping cart design can help keep customer focused in several ways:

  • Clear product images that fuel the desire for your product
  • Clearly displayed checkout steps that communicate the time needed to complete the purchase
  • Form field highlights that make sure that not a single field is missed
  • Clearly visible CTA (Call to Action)

Tweaking these elements in the shopping cart will greatly contribute to your customer engagement and will ensure that less of them abandon at this stage of the purchase.


2. Feeling of security


Shopper’s anxiety is not a joke, it is a real thing. The truth is 17% of shopping cart abandons happen because those customers didn’t feel secure while shopping. This can be a large chunk of your sales. Will you just leave this money on the table?

Shopping cart design can help you make your customers feel secure when buying your products through the well-known security logos and customer support phone number clearly visible inside the shopping cart.


3. Time efficiency


Shopping cart design can greatly influence the shopping cart loading times. It is important to partner with the eCommerce platform that knows how to improve loading speed without compromising on looks.

Another time factor in shopping cart design is psychological. Customers normally do not like to spend too much time on boring procedures, such as filling out forms. With that said, you can make a long form look appealing and organized by breaking it down into pieces and grouping it into chunks. This trick creates a sensation of simplicity for the customer and prevents him from dropping out for the simple reasons of “That’s too long and boring, I’m out of here”


4. Clarity


A rule of thumb of marketing is not to make your customers think. Think for them instead. A great shopping cart design can add clarity and simplicity to the checkout process as a whole.

By creating a great shopping cart layout, you can make it easier for your shoppers to find the information they are looking for, as well as understand better what they need to do to finish the purchase and enjoy your product at last.

Meet PayPro Global.
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No 3rd party integrations. No hidden costs. No wasted time.
 Just a solution as unique as your business’s needs.



Shopping cart design is an integral part of eCommerce shopping experience and there is absolutely no compromise for the last step in your conversion path. By selecting the shopping cart solution that offers high levels of flexibility you can significantly increase your conversions and ultimately revenue.

Every product has its own type of customer. This means that what works for others, won’t necessarily work for you.

Meir Amzallag

Co-founder and CEO of PayPro Global

Ioana Grigorescu

Content Marketing Manager at PayPro Global

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