How to promote your SaaS business with Clubhouse

Clubhouse: How to Promote Your SaaS Business

Think of social media as a giant circus arena; all be it one with millions of tents. The circus lures you in and before you know it, you want to visit every tent. Just as you think the circus is full, and that there’s no room for new acts, a new tent pops up. Soon, crowds of people flock to it, anxious to see what’s on offer inside.

The Clubhouse app, launched in March 2020, is the latest addition to the global social media “circus” arena, and there’s a lot of people waiting to go inside. That’s why we’ll walk you through what to expect and show you how to promote your SaaS business using its unique features. After all, the goal is to sell SaaS online using all possible means, right? 

How Does Clubhouse Work?

Clubhouse is an audio-based app designed to facilitate conversations. Like an exclusive members club, an existing member needs to invite you before accessing the app. Once inside, you’re directed to a homepage where you’ll be able to see different discussions happening in a variety of rooms. You can now enter these voice-only chat rooms, depending on what topics you’re interested in.

What is Clubhouse

Why Clubhouse Matters for Product Promotion

Clubhouse brings interesting people from around the world together in ways other social media apps have, until now, overlooked. It lets users chat in real time without needing an elaborate setup process. Using the app is as simple as meeting a friend for coffee and a chat. 

With Clubhouse, it becomes easy to position yourself as a thought leader within your industry. The app can help your brand become more recognizable and help grow your profit. 

The drop-in audio app was only recently launched, so there are many opportunities to get ahead of the game. Let's say you want to sell ebooks online.  You can promote your product before it becomes overrun by competitors. All you need is wifi, a smartphone, and an invite. It really is that simple.

Clubhouse: The Benefits

Clubhouse makes it easy for you to go online and chat with friends, followers, peers, and industry leaders or drop in on interesting conversations. For brands, there are numerous benefits to joining the club.

It Helps Build Brand Awareness

The app gives you a platform for building brand awareness. By sharing knowledge, you can position your brand as a go-to, credible source of information in a particular niche area.

Building brand awareness with Clubhouse

The App Offers Exclusive Access

As the app is “invite-only,” it’s alluring. And, while your membership doesn’t expire at any point, your ability to invite others does. This adds another level of exclusivity, making receiving an invite extra prestigious. If you’re on the platform, it means that somebody on the inside has already endorsed you, further adding to your brand’s credibility.

Clubhouse Provides a Unique Experience

Clubhouse allows you to bypass the awkwardness of approaching influential strangers. Let’s say you’re in one room and know that an industry big shot is in the room next door. You can send them a pin notifying them of the discussion in your room and suggest they join in.

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It Targets Influential People

Clubhouse offers a very different user experience to other social media platforms. Users from all over the world can talk on Clubhouse 24/7, and impromptu conversations keep content fresh. As the discussions are both live and ephemeral, there’s a level of excitement on offer that other platforms don’t have.

Clubhouse Fosters Engagement

The invite-only structure of Clubhouse helps create an environment of organic engagement. Existing users decide who they’re going to invite, so the chances are that the invitee is someone who is likely to join the conversations.

Create organic engagement with Clubhouse

It Offers Variety

Another benefit of Clubhouse is the variety of content, guests, and options it offers. The app has 100s of rooms facilitating different discussions on a wide range of topics.

It Creates Urgency by Playing on FOMO

Clubhouse plays perfectly on people’s fear of missing out (FOMO). You’re either there for the conversation, or you’re not. There’s no replay button as none of the conversations are recorded or archived. 

This entices users to spend more time on the app as they’re worried they might miss a fascinating conversation. Ultimately, this feature could mean more exposure for your brand.

The App Provides Convenience

As there’s no video feed on the app, you can discuss whatever you want, whenever you want, without anybody knowing where you are. You can move around and do other things while still participating in fascinating conversations.

It Offers Cost-Effective Marketing

We believe that the most significant benefit is that Clubhouse is free (at least for now). You’ll get all the marketing benefits of a new, exclusive social media platform without spending a dime.

 How to reduce SaaS marketing costs

Tactics To Use Clubhouse for Promoting Your SaaS Enterprise

Are you ready to get your SaaS involved with the Clubhouse community and experience everything it offers? To help you do that, we’ve compiled a list of 18 ways to promote your brand with Clubhouse.

1. Understand The App and Its Users

Understanding the app, its users, and their connection is an essential first step in promoting your SaaS product on Clubhouse. 

Start with a clear idea of who you want to engage. You can use your buyer persona here to help establish who your users are and what they like to talk about so you can find the rooms they’re in. Alternatively, you can create discussions that draw them to where you are.

2. Be Strategic in Finding and Following People, Rooms, and Clubs

When you follow someone, the app keeps track of the information and gives you suggestions. Following people at random could lead to you seeing rooms that won’t serve your business. 

Strategize carefully about who, where, and what you want to follow. Be intentional and choose the right people to engage with, suitable rooms to enter, and the best clubs to join.

Create your following strategy on Clubhouse

3. Take Advantage of the Adventure, and Explore

Next up on the list of tactics is to take full advantage of the app adventure. Before you can promote your product, you need to find suitable spaces within the app to do so. To find and navigate these spaces, exploration is critical. Allow yourself to follow your interests and enter rooms that draw you in.

4. Network With a Plan

Like most things in life, planning is a crucial ingredient to success. This brings us to tactic number four: networking with a plan.

You can search member and club directories by using keywords relevant to what you’re looking for. This is a great way to find more follow options for people, rooms, and clubs that align with your interests and business needs.

When you’re in a room, do a few checks on the people inside. A room is divided into three sections, and each section is dedicated to a different group of people. You can tap on people in these sections to learn more about them. Follow them if they form part of your target audience, or give them a pass if they don’t.

    • Section 1 = the stage, showing the speakers. 
    • Section 2 = the front row, showing the people the speakers follow. 
    • Section 3= the audience, showing people who’ve come to listen.

Check out the event calendar ahead of time to see what important or exciting discussions are coming up. Find events relevant to you by searching keywords in the calendar.

5. Sponsor a Room

Next, let’s explore room sponsoring. You can sponsor existing rooms that center on topics related to your brand or where conversations are hosted by people your audience is likely to follow. 

Sponsoring a room allows you to add “sponsored by ____” in the room name, which draws direct attention to your brand. Every time a fruitful discussion occurs in that room, the audience will associate it with your brand.

Room sponsoring on Clubhouse

6. Use Customer and Business Feedback

Make a point of asking for and using customer feedback while using Clubhouse.

Create a room specifically for sharing a new product idea, and ask your audience for feedback. Perhaps they’ll love it, or maybe they will have nothing but criticism. Either way, it will give you an indication of whether there’s a market for the product and help guide you toward changes potential customers are searching for. 

Creating a room to discuss a new business idea with fellow entrepreneurs, venture capitals, and industry leaders is another idea. They’ll be able to share their experience, give advice, and help work out potential obstacles that may arise.

7. Grow a Following and Build a Community

Just like with SaaS open source, building an online community is key. So, start growing a following. This will help you build a supportive community around your brand, helping it grow organically. 

People need to see you on stage, hear what you have to say, and like what you say enough to click ‘follow.’ Once they’ve started following you, they’ll get a push notification whenever you open a room or join a stage.

Make sure you:

Join smaller rooms. Being invited on stage is more likely in rooms with smaller audiences of around 10/20 people.

Put effort into networking with people who frequent the rooms you enter.

Remain active. The more active you are in joining the same rooms, the more likely a host will pull you up on stage.

Facilitate discussion. When on stage, ask your audience questions and share your thoughts.

8. Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

Positioning yourself as an industry leader is another way of promoting your SaaS product with Clubhouse. Being regarded as an authority in your niche area will make your products more appealing. 

Showing users that you know what you’re talking about and helping them solve problems means they’ll be more likely to trust what you have to say.

Discuss topics you’re passionate about and facilitate discussions where everyone learns from each other. By creating a space for learning, you’ll become an expert voice on the platform.

Position yourself as a SaaS industry leader

9. Optimize Your Bio

Like most apps, your bio tells people who you are and what you’re about. But it’s more than just an introductory tool. The content of your bio determines how you show up when users search members or club directories. 

So, if your bio is even slightly off, you’ll appear in searches for followers who are not aligned with your target audience. Put some thought into your bio to make it work hard for you.

10. Collaborate With Users

Another important tactic is to collaborate with users as often as possible. 

Collaborating with people in your industry is a great way to foster connections while tapping into their followings. This is particularly beneficial if the person you’re collaborating with has a more extensive following than you. 

When your partner jumps on stage, their followers will be notified. They’ll enter the room, see you with someone they follow and explore your profile. Before you know it, your partner's followers will be yours too.

Collaborate with Clubhouse users

11. Reach Out to Investors

Clubhouse provides a way to reach out to investors. The exclusivity of Clubhouse means that big-name venture capitalists are likely to be on everyone's ‘must invite’ list. 

Grab these investors’ attention by creating a room to talk about your business. Invite them to join the conversation and ask for their feedback on how to improve your product or pitch. Showing you appreciate their opinion (and that you’re not simply looking for venture capital) could put you in their good books.

12. Hone Your Hosting Techniques

Showmanship is everything when learning how to promote your SaaS product with Clubhouse. You have to be an engaging, entertaining, and educational hostIf you want people to start following you.

Creating a room makes you that room’s moderator. As a moderator, your job is to facilitate and control the discussion to make it natural and structured. You’ll be in control of those coming on stage, and you can assign new moderators.

Know when to ask questions and how to respond when you’re asked them in return. You also need to know when to take a break and how to welcome everyone back when you return.

How to become a host on Clubhouse

13. Include Different Voices

Another tactic is to include diverse voices in your discussions. Make a point of inviting speakers from different backgrounds and ask them to bounce their perspectives off one another. This will encourage more dialogue, pique audience interest, and go a long way towards making your rooms a popular destination for users.

14. Utilize Clubs

Another great way to promote your product with Clubhouse is to utilize clubs. The more time you spend on the app, the more likely you’ll end up in a room hosted by a club. 

Clubs make it easy for people to plan gatherings on the app. If you’re part of a club, you’ll be able to host private meetings where you deliver information you don’t want the public to hear. You can then advertise what you’re doing in the club's public room to entice others to join in.

15. Branded Events and Clubs

Branded events and clubs are another way of making your presence known on Clubhouse. 

Linking an event or club with your brand is a visibility game-changer. You can create branded events for various reasons, from hosting product launches to discussions focused on employee experiences or customer service.

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16. Track Industry News and Trends

Use Clubhouse to track the latest news and trends in your industry. For example, you or your brand managers can listen in on conversations happening in various rooms. You can gather critical intel such as info on the pain points your audience members are experiencing. Finding the customer's perspective on your product's monetization strategy is worth exploring. And while you are at it, check out our SaaS pricing guide to see what improvements you could make. You can also follow your competitors and keep tabs on what they’re discussing as it happens. 

Eventually, you’ll have a timeline documenting upcoming trends, news in the industry, and audience sentiment all without having to host a single focus group.

Use Clubhouse to track industry news and trends in SaaS

17. Issue Announcements

Another way to promote your SaaS product is the issuing of announcements. It's an excellent way to educate listeners about your brand and explain the details behind major decisions. It’s also useful for announcing new products and features.

18. Create Strong Calls to Action

Lastly, it’s vital to create strong calls to action (CTAs) on Clubhouse. Make sure you add CTAs to your handle, avatar, and bio. You could even use verbal CTAs when you present or host discussions. Try referencing information from your website or social media pages to make the CTAs slightly more subtle.

Ready To Explore The Clubhouse App?

Right now, Clubhouse is all the rage. Are you keen to give it a try to promote your SaaS business? Contact PayPro Global today we’ll walk you through all the ways you can promote your SaaS business to help drive growth.


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