AI and SaaS

AI and SaaS: a match made in heaven?

Artificial Intelligence is the new kid on the block and it’s super excited to show it. As some might say, if you have it, flaunt it, right? Well, that’s exactly what AI is doing and it’s driving software vendors crazy. It really brings a rain of advantages to the table, while setting the frame for the future of SaaS. We’ve selected a few of those benefits which we find to be of great interest.

AI: Data King and Queen

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Artificial Intelligence deals with data and thank all programmers that it does. The amount of data part of the online market is growing by the second. Having automated processes you can easily take care of your customers, as AI acts as chatbots which listen to your customers and offer an initial solution. As you can imagine, such treatment will do wonders for your customer retention rate and of course churn rate. In terms of customer service, AI is a godsent.

It goes without saying that customer service is essential in the adequate development of any company. But because the world has been chatting on this issue for quite some time, customers no longer settle for a simple “We’ll see what we can do.” They want more. It’s not that we blame them. After all we’re all someone’s customers.

So, getting actual help when it’s needed is what we all dream of. Now, imagine the following situation, which is actually quite possible. Let’s say you buy a photo editing software, developed in China. For a period of time, it functions just as it should, when out of the blue an error appears and you can’t get rid of it. What do you do? Easy, right? You call customer service. Sounds like a plan, sure, until you discover that the customer service is in Chinese.

You see, one of the great things about customer service is that it’s all about the customer. You love your customer, so you’ll try to do what is required of you. Personalizing customer service is one of those things and AI makes it so simple for you. Customer service in the client’s language evidently facilitates communication, which leads to a better problem solving. And, here is another secret. AI has the capacity to customize functionalities according to your clients’ preferences, which will not only help you significantly in terms of leveraging your customer retention, but it will also give you one superpower you will learn to greatly appreciate.

Hyper Targeting: Marketing Magneto Superpowers

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Don’t get your hopes up, because you won’t be extracting metal from the ground, not now anyway. Marketing Magneto superpower basically means, in our own language of course, that you will be able to attract clients like a magnet, because of some little thing called predictive analytics. So far, we were kinda accustomed to having some data about our customers, using them wisely in all our sales approaches. Now, thanks to AI, we will able to take that step further and get acquainted with new data that tell us not only who our clients are, but also what they plan on doing. Instead of reacting to what our customers have done, we will be active about what they plan on doing. It’s really all a game of words that started with a data game and a robot talking.

<Coding Wizards>

One interesting piece of news for software developers is that AI can seriously change the status of a product from lagging to leading, at least as far as coding is concerned. You might say that you had already considered coding checkups to be done in record time and huge teams of A/B testers are already on their second cup of coffee, working hard to get the software up and running. Well, thanks to AI, you can actually stay within all your deadlines and deliver the final, functional version of your software in what is really known as record time. AI applications can verify if the designed software can address the needs of thousands of customers without encountering any problems or difficulties. The suspicious look we had on when it came to machine learning and AI can now disappear completely, because software developers have just gained a huge partner. You design it and AI checks it. Fast forward track to customer introduction.

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Discussions on artificial intelligence have been around for way too long. And waiting for all that work that brings results it was like waiting for a new Game of Thrones season, facing up to more speculations than actual, official spoilers. Now it’s here, AI we mean. We’re still waiting for Game of Thrones. So, to end this long story, if you have AI, flaunt it, as much as you can!

Meir Amzallag

Co-founder and CEO of PayPro Global

Ioana Grigorescu

Content Marketing Manager at PayPro Global

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